Welcome! Meet Trenton Jackson

I am Trenton Jackson, a passionate gamer and dedicated writer who loves creating content about various games, with a particular fondness for Minecraft PE.

Trenton Jackson

A Little More About Me

At 32, I embrace the freedom of freelancing and cherish the convenience of working from home. My interests are diverse and abundant; I am passionate about gaming, intrigued by scientific research, absorbed in my reading, captivated by graphic design, mesmerized by animation, and the list goes on.

My Introduction to Minecraft PE

My journey with Minecraft PE started at the end of 2014. The game quickly captured my heart and has held it ever since. The joy of building in survival mode is simply unmatched, although I must admit that multiplayer gaming doesn't excite me as much.

Why I Started

The dream of owning my personal blog, where I could share my favorite mods, texture packs, and maps, always held a special place in my heart. That dream is now a reality with, a site dedicated to the intricacies and charms of Minecraft PE.

What to Expect on is your one-stop-shop for Minecraft PE resources. From diverse add-ons and mods to captivating texture packs and plugins, we have it all, compatible with a range of Minecraft PE versions. So feel free to browse and download to your heart's content.

I am thrilled to share my passion for Minecraft PE with you and can't wait to see what we'll build together. Welcome aboard!