Сarpet Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.16.0 - 1.20.1 for Android
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The Carpet Mod for Minecraft PE is a game modification that introduces a plethora of exciting features and improvements to enhance your gameplay experience. If you're a Minecraft enthusiast looking to take your adventures to the next level, this mod is a must-have!

Improved Performance and Optimization

One of the standout features of the Carpet Mod is its ability to boost performance and optimize the game. With this mod, you can say goodbye to laggy gameplay and experience smoother, more responsive controls. Whether you're exploring vast landscapes or engaging in intense battles, the Carpet Mod ensures that your Minecraft PE runs at its best.

Advanced World Manipulation

With the Carpet Mod, you gain access to advanced world manipulation tools that allow you to effortlessly modify your Minecraft PE world. You can easily remove or add blocks, change terrain features, and even adjust the time of day. This feature is perfect for creative players who want to mold their world according to their imagination.

Enhanced Redstone Mechanics

Redstone enthusiasts will be delighted by the Carpet Mod's improved redstone mechanics. This mod introduces new features and tweaks to make working with redstone circuits a breeze. From simplified wiring to enhanced observer mechanics, the Carpet Mod offers a range of tools and options that will fuel your creativity and make your contraptions more efficient and reliable.

Customization and Control

The Carpet Mod also provides an array of customization options to tailor your Minecraft PE experience to your liking. You can adjust gameplay settings, change mob behaviors, and even tweak game rules to create unique challenges or adventures. This level of control gives you the power to create a gameplay experience that is truly your own.

In conclusion, the Carpet Mod for Minecraft PE is a game-changer for both casual and hardcore players. With its performance optimizations, world manipulation tools, improved redstone mechanics, and customization options, this mod elevates your Minecraft PE experience to new heights. So, why wait? Install the Carpet Mod now and embark on an incredible journey in the world of Minecraft PE!


  • How do I install this Carpet mod?

    Download the file and open it in your Minecraft PE.
  • What if the mod does not work?

    Make sure that the experimental game mode is activated.
  • Can this mod be run in a multiplayer game?

    Yes, it is suitable for a multiplayer game.