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One of the most exciting additions in Minecraft PE is the introduction of bees and honey mechanics. Bees are cute, buzzing creatures that can be found in flower biomes. They are crucial for pollination, which helps crops grow faster. You can use shears to collect honeycombs from beehives or bee nests, and by crafting them, you can obtain honey blocks and bottles of honey. Honey blocks are sticky and can be used for various redstone contraptions, while honey bottles can be consumed to restore hunger and grant temporary immunity to fire damage.

2. New Biomes

This update brings two new biomes to Minecraft PE: the honeycomb-themed bee nest biome and the nether biome. The bee nest biome is filled with colorful flowers and buzzing bees, making it a peaceful and vibrant place to explore. On the other hand, the nether biome is a dangerous and treacherous environment, where players will encounter new mobs like piglins, hoglins, and striders. The nether biome also introduces new blocks and items, such as soul soil and soul fire.

3. Piglins and Bastions

Piglins are a new type of mob that can be found in the nether biome. They are aggressive creatures, but players can establish positive relationships with them by wearing gold armor or giving them gold ingots. Piglins can provide valuable loot, including fire resistance potions and enchanted books. The update also introduces bastions, massive structures inhabited by piglins. These structures contain loot chests that offer rare and valuable items, making them a risky but rewarding place to explore.

4. Sneak Peak: Netherite

While not fully implemented yet, Minecraft PE gives players a sneak peek at the upcoming Netherite material. Netherite is a rare and powerful resource that is even stronger than diamond. It can be used to upgrade diamond armor and tools, giving them enhanced durability and improved abilities. Although obtaining Netherite is challenging, it offers a new level of gameplay depth and opens up exciting possibilities for advanced players.

In conclusion, Minecraft PE brings a range of exciting features, from the introduction of bees and honey mechanics to the addition of new biomes and mobs. This update offers players new challenges, opportunities, and items to explore and experiment with, ensuring that the Minecraft experience remains engaging and ever-evolving.


  • Is this update free?

    Yes, it is entirely free!
  • Is there the promised biomes in MCPE

    No, there is none.
  • Is this beta-version stable?

    Mostly — yes, but beware since it's beta you never know.