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Minecraft PE introduces the highly anticipated Caves & Cliffs Update Part 1, which brings a whole new world of excitement to your Minecraft adventures. Get ready to explore revamped cave systems, encounter new mobs, and discover a plethora of blocks and items that will enhance your gameplay like never before!

Revamped Cave Generation

Prepare to be amazed as the cave generation in Minecraft PE undergoes a spectacular makeover. With the Caves & Cliffs Update, caves are now more diverse, interesting, and challenging to explore. Discover massive caverns, underground rivers, and stunning rock formations as you delve into the depths of the Minecraft world.

New Mobs

Minecraft PE introduces two exciting new mobs to encounter in your Minecraft adventures. Say hello to the adorable Axolotl, a water-dwelling creature that comes in various vibrant colors. Axolotls are friendly amphibians that can be tamed and even used to fight off underwater foes. Additionally, meet the menacing Goat, a creature known for its unpredictable behavior and powerful headbutts. Be cautious when encountering goats, as they can send you flying off cliffs!

Blocks and Items Galore

With this update, Minecraft PE introduces a plethora of new blocks and items to enhance your building and survival experiences. Discover new types of stone, such as Dripstone and Deepslate, which can be used to create unique structures and decorations. Experiment with the new copper blocks and watch them gradually oxidize over time, adding a touch of realism to your creations. Additionally, you can now find and use telescopes, lightning rods, and spyglasses to aid your exploration and protection against the elements.


Minecraft PE is a game-changer, thanks to the Caves & Cliffs Update Part 1. With revamped cave generation, new mobs, and a wide range of blocks and items, this update takes your Minecraft experience to a whole new level. Get ready to embark on exciting adventures, build amazing structures, and uncover hidden treasures in this vast and immersive world. So, grab your pickaxe and jump into Minecraft PE to explore the wonders that await you!


  • Are there new blocks in MCPE

    Yes, the powder snow features in this version.
  • Are there new mobs?

    Yes, goats spawn in moutains.
  • How do I get a horn?

    You can either trigger a goat or kill it.