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Minecraft PE introduces the highly anticipated Caves & Cliffs: Part I update. Get ready to explore an entirely revamped underground world with new cave generation, lush vegetation, and magnificent cliffs.

2. Amethyst Geodes

Deep within the caves, you'll stumble upon the mesmerizing amethyst geodes. These beautiful structures are filled with amethyst blocks, budding amethyst, and geode blocks. You can harvest these blocks to create stunning purple-themed builds or craft them into useful items like telescopes and tinted glass.

3. Copper Age

With the addition of copper, players can now enter the Copper Age. Copper ore can be found underground and can be smelted into copper ingots. These ingots can be used to craft various decorative blocks, such as copper blocks, copper stairs, and copper slabs. Over time, exposed copper blocks will oxidize, giving them a unique greenish patina.

4. New Mobs: Axolotls and Goats

Minecraft PE introduces two new adorable and useful mobs: axolotls and goats. Axolotls are aquatic creatures that can be found in water bodies, and they can assist players in combat by attacking hostile underwater mobs. Goats, on the other hand, spawn in mountain biomes and can be milked for milk buckets. They are also known for their incredible jumping abilities, so watch out!

5. Powder Snow

A new block called powder snow has been added to the snowy mountain biomes. When players step onto powder snow, they sink into it, making movement slower. It's a great tool for traps or creating challenging terrain for your friends to navigate.

6. Biome Changes

Minecraft PE brings changes to several biomes. Lush caves can now be found in the new cave generation, featuring lush vegetation and unique plant variants. Additionally, dripstone caves have been added, which are filled with stalactites and stalagmites. These changes enhance the overall exploration experience in Minecraft.

7. Bug Fixes and Improvements

As with any update, Minecraft PE addresses various bugs and issues to improve gameplay stability. It also includes performance enhancements, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for players.

So, grab your pickaxe and embark on a grand adventure with Minecraft PE! Explore the awe-inspiring caves, encounter new mobs, and unleash your creativity with the exciting new features this update has to offer. Happy mining!


  • Where do I find goats in MCPE 1.16?

    They spawn in the mountains.
  • Are the mountain generation updated yet?

    No, it is not yet updated.
  • How do I obtain powder snow?

    Use buckets to do it successfully.