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One of the most exciting additions to Minecraft PE is the introduction of two new minerals: copper and amethyst. Copper ores can be found underground and can be smelted into copper ingots, which can then be used to craft various decorative blocks and items. Copper blocks will also oxidize over time, changing from a shiny orange color to a greenish-blue patina, adding a touch of realism to your builds. On the other hand, amethyst clusters can be found in geodes, which are rare underground structures. Players can mine these clusters to obtain amethyst shards, which can be used to craft telescopes and tinted glass.

2. Axolotls

Prepare yourself for the cutest addition to Minecraft PE - axolotls! These adorable aquatic creatures can be found in underwater caves and are available in different colors, including pink, yellow, and blue. You can capture axolotls using a bucket and then keep them as pets or use them to assist you in battle. Axolotls are great companions as they can help you fight off underwater enemies such as guardians and drowneds. They also have the ability to regenerate their health, making them incredibly useful during intense underwater adventures.

3. Glow Squids

Minecraft PE introduces another fascinating addition to the game - glow squids! These glowing creatures can be found in water bodies and add a mesmerizing touch to the game's underwater environments. Killing glow squids will drop glow ink sacs, which can be used to create glowing signs, text, and even glowing item frames. The vibrant glow emitted by these squids adds an enchanting ambiance to your underwater bases and builds.

4. Bug Fixes and Improvements

In addition to the new features, Minecraft PE also brings several bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance your gaming experience. These fixes address various issues, including crashes, gameplay inconsistencies, and graphical glitches. The developers have also made optimizations to ensure smoother gameplay, making your adventures in the Minecraft world more enjoyable than ever before.

Overall, Minecraft PE is an exciting update that introduces new minerals, adorable axolotls, and glowing squids, adding depth, charm, and functionality to the game. So, grab your pickaxe, dive into the underwater caves, and explore the vibrant world of Minecraft PE!


  • Can I tame a goat in MCPE

    Nope, you cannot do it.
  • Can I ride or mount a goat?

    You can't do it as well.
  • How do I get powder snow?

    All you need to do is to craft a bucket.