Minecraft PE 1.19.22

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Minecraft PE 1.19.22 introduces several thrilling features that will enhance your gameplay experience. One of the major highlights is the addition of new blocks, including amethyst geodes and tinted glass. These geodes can be found underground and offer a unique visual appeal, while tinted glass allows for creative building options with its colored transparency.

2. Amethyst and Copper: New Resources

With this update, you can now mine amethyst, a beautiful purple crystal that can be used for crafting various items. Amethyst shards can be obtained by mining amethyst geodes, and they can be used to craft spyglasses, tinted glass, and even telescopes for a closer look at the Minecraft world.

Copper is another exciting addition to the game. It can be found underground and can be smelted into copper ingots. Copper blocks and items add a rustic touch to your builds, and over time, they naturally oxidize and change color, providing a realistic feel to your creations.

3. Bundles and Axolotls

Minecraft PE 1.19.22 introduces two new additions to the inventory system: bundles and axolotls. Bundles are a convenient way to manage your items, allowing you to store multiple items in a single slot. This feature is especially beneficial when exploring or organizing your inventory.

Axolotls are adorable aquatic creatures that spawn in underground water bodies. They can be gathered using buckets and make great companions while exploring underwater caves. You can also tame and breed them, adding a touch of companionship to your underwater adventures.

4. General Improvements and Bug Fixes

In addition to the exciting new features, Minecraft PE 1.19.22 also brings general improvements and bug fixes to enhance your overall gameplay experience. These improvements include smoother performance, better stability, and fixes for reported issues, ensuring a more enjoyable and seamless Minecraft experience.


Minecraft PE 1.19.22 introduces a range of exciting features that will undoubtedly enhance your gameplay experience. From new blocks and resources like amethyst and copper to the introduction of bundles and axolotls, this update offers a variety of engaging additions to explore. Additionally, the general improvements and bug fixes ensure a smoother and more enjoyable Minecraft experience. So, grab your tools and dive into the world of Minecraft PE 1.19.22 for endless adventures and creative possibilities.


  • How to make mud blocks in Minecraft 1.19.22?

    Players should dry some mud before.
  • Is Warden a dangerous mob for players?

    Yes, this mob can attack any other creature of the game.
  • What can Allay do?

    In MCPE 1.19.22 this mod can pick up items.