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Minecraft PE brings the highly anticipated Cave & Cliffs update to your pocket-sized adventures! Get ready to explore vast cave systems, encounter new mobs, and discover exciting new blocks. The update introduces a whole new dimension to the game, making it even more thrilling and immersive.

2. Lush Caves

Venture deep into the underground to find the mesmerizing Lush Caves. These vibrant and overgrown caverns are home to lush vegetation, beautiful flowers, and unique blocks like the Spore Blossom. Illuminate your path with the new Glow Berries, which can be harvested from the cave ceilings. Be cautious though, as these caves are also inhabited by hostile mobs like the Dripstone Brute.

3. Dripstone Caves

Prepare for a whole new underground experience with the Dripstone Caves. These caves are characterized by their stalactites and stalagmites, formed by dripping water over centuries. You can collect these pointy formations and even use them to create stalactite blocks. Watch your step though, as the caves are also home to dangerous mobs like the Warden, a blind and powerful creature that can detect vibrations.

4. New Mobs

The update introduces several new mobs to Minecraft PE. Keep an eye out for the adorable and mischievous Goat, which can be found wandering the mountainside. The Axolotl, a cute aquatic creature, can be your loyal companion and help you fight off underwater threats. The Warden, the king of the Dripstone Caves, poses a real challenge with its heightened senses. Encounter these new creatures and learn their behaviors to survive in their territories.

5. Bundles and Copper

Minecraft PE also brings new items to enhance your gameplay. Bundles allow you to organize and store multiple items in a single inventory slot, making it easier to carry around your essentials. Copper, a new ore, adds a decorative touch to your builds with its weathered appearance. You can craft various copper blocks, including the oxidized variant that changes over time, adding a dynamic element to your structures.


With Minecraft PE, the Cave & Cliffs update takes your pocket adventures to new depths. Immerse yourself in the stunning Lush Caves and navigate treacherous Dripstone Caves while encountering a variety of new mobs. Stay organized with bundles and add a weathered charm to your builds with copper blocks. Get ready to embark on thrilling adventures and explore a whole new dimension in Minecraft PE!


  • How to play mob sounds?

    Use mob heads and note blocks.
  • How to use rafts?

    Its functions are the same as boats.
  • How to use chiseled bookshelf?

    Players can store books there.