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Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) is constantly evolving, bringing new features and improvements to the game. In version, players can expect exciting additions that enhance their Minecraft experience. From new mobs and blocks to bug fixes, this update has it all.

New Mobs

With this update, two new mobs make their debut in Minecraft PE. The first one is the Axolotl, a cute aquatic creature that players can find in underwater caves and rivers. Axolotls come in various colors and even have the ability to play dead to survive dangerous situations.

The second new mob is the Glow Squid, which adds a vibrant touch to the game's underwater environments. These luminescent creatures emit a beautiful glow that illuminates the depths of the ocean. Players can now enjoy underwater exploration with a touch of mesmerizing radiance.

New Blocks

Minecraft PE introduces several new blocks that add versatility and aesthetics to players' creations. One of the standout additions is the Powder Snow block, which poses a unique challenge to players as it slows down movement and causes players to sink. This block adds an extra layer of strategy for those exploring snowy biomes.

Players can also look forward to the addition of Dripstone Blocks, which can be found in caves. These blocks add a touch of realism to the game, as they can form stalactites and stalagmites. Players can collect them using a pickaxe and utilize them in their builds to create a more immersive underground experience.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Version also addresses several bug fixes and improvements. These fixes ensure a smoother gameplay experience by eliminating glitches and enhancing overall performance. From graphical issues to gameplay bugs, the developers have dedicated their efforts to providing players with a more refined and enjoyable Minecraft experience.


Minecraft PE brings a range of exciting additions to the game, including new mobs, blocks, and bug fixes. With the introduction of the Axolotl and Glow Squid, players can explore the depths of the ocean with even more wonder. The new blocks, such as the Powder Snow and Dripstone Blocks, offer creative possibilities for builders. Coupled with bug fixes and improvements, this update ensures that Minecraft PE continues to captivate players with its engaging and immersive world. So dive in and discover the latest wonders of Minecraft PE!


  • How to find Sniffer eggs?

    Players should visit Trail Ruins.
  • How to use Torchflower?

    Players can breed Sniffer.
  • How many templates can be found?

    More than 20 variants.