Minecraft PE 1.4.0

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Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) has just received a major update that promises to make your virtual adventures even more exciting and immersive. Version 1.4.0 introduces a plethora of new features, focusing primarily on enhancing the aquatic experience within the game. Get ready to explore the depths of the ocean like never before!

Underwater Biomes and Structures

Prepare to be amazed as you discover new underwater biomes and structures in Minecraft PE 1.4.0. Dive into the ocean and encounter stunning coral reefs, complete with vibrant fish and sea turtles that gracefully glide through the water. Explore sunken shipwrecks, filled with hidden treasures and the occasional hostile mob. You may even stumble upon underwater ruins, providing a glimpse into the ancient civilizations that once thrived beneath the surface.

New Mobs and Items

With this update, Minecraft PE introduces a host of new aquatic mobs and items. Meet the Drowned, deserted souls who lurk in the depths, ready to attack unsuspecting players. Beware of the powerful Guardians and their piercing laser beams. On a more friendly note, discover the adorable dolphins, who will guide you through the vast ocean.

To aid you in your aquatic adventures, Minecraft PE 1.4.0 also introduces new items. Craft a trident, a powerful weapon capable of dealing devastating damage underwater. Collect tropical fish, pufferfish, and even the elusive turtle eggs to add to your collection. With these new additions, your underwater expeditions will be filled with excitement and endless possibilities.

Improved Game Mechanics

In addition to the aquatic theme, Minecraft PE 1.4.0 brings several improvements to the game's mechanics. Experience enhanced water physics, making swimming and diving more realistic than ever before. The new swimming animation adds to the immersion, making your underwater adventures truly captivating.

Furthermore, this update introduces the ability to craft and use the elusive turtle shell, granting you additional armor and the ability to breathe underwater for longer periods of time. This will prove invaluable as you explore the vast ocean depths and encounter new challenges along the way.


Minecraft PE 1.4.0 takes your aquatic adventures to a whole new level. With its mesmerizing underwater biomes, captivating structures, and an array of new mobs and items, this update brings a refreshing and immersive experience to the game. Dive into the depths, explore the mysteries of the ocean, and uncover hidden treasures that await you in this exciting update. Get ready to embark on unforgettable adventures in Minecraft PE 1.4.0!


  • Where do I find sea pickles in MCPE 1.4.0?

    This vegetation naturally generates in Warm Oceans.
  • How do I tame a dolphin?

    You cannot tame a dolphin.
  • What are shipwrecks?

    These are constructions of broken and sunken ships.