Baby Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.1 for Android
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If you're a Minecraft enthusiast, you're probably always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to enhance your gameplay. One popular mod that has gained a lot of attention in the Minecraft community is the Baby Mod for Minecraft PE. This mod is a game-changer, allowing players to experience a whole new level of cuteness and fun in their Minecraft adventures.

What does the Baby Mod do?

The Baby Mod introduces adorable baby mobs into the Minecraft world. These cute little creatures come in various forms, including baby villagers, baby animals, and even baby monsters. They follow the same behaviors as their adult counterparts, adding a touch of realism to the game. You'll find them wandering around, playing, and interacting with their surroundings, just like real babies do!

Why should you try the Baby Mod?

Playing Minecraft with the Baby Mod brings a fresh and exciting experience to the game. It adds a whole new level of immersion, as you'll find yourself caring for and protecting these adorable little creatures. You can even try your hand at building a nursery or creating a safe haven for them to grow and thrive.

Not only are the baby mobs incredibly cute, but they also serve as a reminder of the importance of nurturing and protecting life. It adds a sense of responsibility to your gameplay, as you'll want to ensure the safety and well-being of these tiny creatures.

How to install the Baby Mod

To install the Baby Mod for Minecraft PE, you'll need to follow a few simple steps. First, make sure you have Minecraft PE installed on your device. Then, search for a trusted source that offers the Baby Mod download. Once you've found a reliable source, download the mod file and open it. Minecraft PE will automatically recognize the mod and install it for you.


The Baby Mod for Minecraft PE is a fantastic addition to your Minecraft experience. Whether you're a fan of cute and cuddly creatures or simply looking for a new way to spice up your gameplay, this mod is sure to deliver. Get ready to embark on an adventure filled with adorable baby mobs and discover a whole new world of fun in Minecraft!


  • How do I become a baby in MCPE?

    You instantly become one once you join the game.
  • Where do I find Baby Yoda?

    Since they replace cows, you come across them on planes.
  • How do I turn on the Baby Mode?

    The game will be on the Baby Mode once you install the addon.