Bloxnite Map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.4.0 - 1.20.1 for Android
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Step into a beautifully designed and meticulously crafted world, specifically built for intense Battle Royale gameplay. Bloxnite Map features a vast and diverse landscape filled with towering mountains, dense forests, sprawling cities, and mysterious ruins. Each location is strategically designed to provide players with countless opportunities for exploration, looting, and, of course, combat.

Dynamic Environments:

Experience the thrill of ever-changing environments that keep you on your toes. Bloxnite Map features a dynamic weather system, ensuring that every match you play is unique. From sunny skies to torrential rainstorms, and even blizzards, the weather conditions will challenge your survival skills and add an extra layer of excitement to your battles.

Loot and Resources:

In Bloxnite, scavenging for loot is essential for your survival. Explore abandoned buildings, hidden underground bunkers, and supply drops scattered throughout the map to find powerful weapons, armor, and valuable resources. But be careful, as other players may be lurking nearby, ready to eliminate anyone who gets in their way.

Intense Battles:

Engage in heart-pounding battles against other players in a fight for survival. Utilize your skills, strategy, and quick reflexes to outsmart your opponents and become the last player standing. Whether you prefer long-range sniping, close-quarters combat, or stealthy tactics, Bloxnite Map offers endless possibilities for intense and thrilling battles.


If solo battles aren't your style, Bloxnite Map also allows you to team up with friends and create squads to take on the competition together. Coordinate your strategies, communicate effectively, and work as a cohesive unit to conquer the map and claim victory.


Bloxnite Map for Minecraft PE provides an engaging and immersive Battle Royale experience like no other. With its stunning visuals, dynamic environments, and intense battles, it's the perfect choice for players looking to test their survival skills and strategic prowess. So gather your friends, jump into the action, and see if you have what it takes to be the last one standing in the world of Bloxnite.


  • Where do I find weapons in Bloxnite MCPE Map?

    Weaponry spawns in chests throughout the map.
  • How many players can be in this map at once?

    There's no limitation whatsoever.
  • What's beyond the walls?

    Just deserted area and nothing more.