McDonalds Map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.4.0 - 1.20.1 for Android
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Are you ready to embark on a fast food adventure like no other? Look no further than the McDonald's Map for Minecraft PE! This incredible map brings the iconic golden arches and all the mouthwatering goodness of McDonald's right to your Minecraft world. Get ready to build, explore, and satisfy your hunger for adventure!

Build Your Own McDonald's Empire

With the McDonald's Map, you have the power to build your very own fast food empire. From the moment you step foot into your Minecraft world, you'll be greeted by a sprawling McDonald's complex, complete with a drive-thru, seating area, kitchen, and more. Use your creativity and imagination to customize your McDonald's to your heart's desire. Want to add a playground? Go for it! Craving a rooftop garden? The choice is yours! The possibilities are endless.

Explore a World of Deliciousness

Once you've built your McDonald's, it's time to explore the mouthwatering world it has to offer. Take a stroll through the bustling kitchen, where you can imagine flipping burgers, frying crispy fries, and preparing refreshing beverages. Head over to the drive-thru and serve virtual customers their favorite meals with a smile. Don't forget to check out the seating area, where you can relax and enjoy a virtual meal with your friends.

Bring McDonald's to Life

The McDonald's Map for Minecraft PE isn't just about building and exploring. It's about creating an immersive experience that brings the magic of McDonald's to life. With this map, you can recreate the sights, sounds, and even the taste of McDonald's in your Minecraft world. Use the included resource pack to transform your Minecraft experience into a deliciously authentic adventure. From the iconic red and yellow color scheme to the familiar sounds of sizzling patties, every detail has been carefully crafted to transport you straight to your favorite fast food restaurant.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your pickaxe, put on your chef's hat, and get ready for a fast food adventure like no other with the McDonald's Map for Minecraft PE. Whether you're a Minecraft veteran or a fast food enthusiast, this map is sure to satisfy your hunger for fun and excitement. Happy building and bon appétit!


  • How to install a map for Minecraft PE?

    In order to install the card, you need to move it to the address games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds.
  • How are maps with the .mcworld extension installed in Minecraft PE?

    After you download the file, run it. The map is automatically imported into the game.
  • How are maps installed in a ZIP archive in Minecraft PE?

    First of all, you need to unzip the file, then move it to games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/.