Minecraft PE 0.15.0

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Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.15.0 brings an exciting new dimension to the game – the Nether! Venture into this fiery realm and explore its unique biomes, mobs, and resources. The Nether has always been a popular feature in the desktop version of Minecraft, and now it’s finally available on your mobile device!

Biomes and Mobs

Within the Nether, you will discover two distinct biomes: the Soul Sand Valley and the Crimson Forest. The Soul Sand Valley is a desolate landscape covered in soul sand and soul soil, while the Crimson Forest is a vibrant and eerie forest filled with crimson nylium and warped nylium. Each biome is home to its own set of unique mobs, such as the menacing Hoglins and the elusive Piglins. Be careful, though, as these mobs can be quite aggressive!

New Blocks and Resources

In addition to the new biomes and mobs, Minecraft PE 0.15.0 introduces a range of new blocks and resources to enhance your gameplay. You can now find ancient debris, a rare material that can be used to create Netherite – the strongest armor and tools in the game. Nether gold ore can also be mined and smelted to obtain gold nuggets, which can be traded with Piglins for various valuable items.

Gameplay Enhancements

This update also includes various gameplay enhancements to make your Minecraft Pocket Edition experience even better. You can now use the Smithing Table to upgrade diamond tools and armor to Netherite, increasing their durability and effectiveness. Additionally, the addition of the Lodestone and the Compass now allows you to set your spawn point and easily find your way back home.


With the release of Minecraft PE 0.15.0, players can now explore the thrilling Nether dimension on their mobile devices. From the unique biomes and mobs to the new blocks and resources, this update brings a host of exciting features to enhance your Minecraft experience. So grab your pickaxe and prepare for an adventure in the fiery depths of the Nether!


  • How do I tame a horse in MCPE 0.15.0?

    You need to mount it as much as it takes.
  • How do I speed up the taming process?

    You can feed horses some wheat.
  • What should I do if my horses keep running away?

    Use a lead on them to tie them up to a fence.