Minecraft PE 1.0.9

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Minecraft PE 1.0.9 brings the exciting addition of End Cities to the game. These mysterious structures can be found in the End dimension after defeating the Ender Dragon. Explore the eerie halls and rooms of the End Cities to discover valuable loot and encounter the newest hostile mob, the Shulker. Shulkers are block-like creatures that hide within the walls of End Cities, capable of teleporting and inflicting levitation on players. Defeating them rewards you with the coveted item, the Shulker Shell.

2. Elytra Wings:

Fly through the skies of your Minecraft world with the new Elytra Wings. Obtained from End Cities, these wings can be equipped to allow players to glide effortlessly through the air. Combine them with Fireworks Rockets to gain momentum and soar across vast landscapes, making exploration faster and more exhilarating than ever before.

3. Woodland Mansions:

Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure with the introduction of Woodland Mansions in Minecraft PE 1.0.9. These massive structures can be found in the Roofed Forest biome and hold hidden treasures, secret rooms, and challenging enemies known as Illagers. Explore every nook and cranny of these mansions as you uncover their mysteries and claim their rewards.

4. Llamas:

Say hello to Minecraft PE's newest animal companion, the Llama. These adorable creatures can be found wandering in the savannah biome and can be tamed and ridden by players. Llamas can carry chests, making them perfect companions for long journeys, as they can transport your valuable items!

5. Exploration Maps:

Never get lost in your Minecraft world again with the addition of Exploration Maps. These special maps can be obtained from Cartographer Villagers and provide players with a clear path to locate various structures such as Mansions, Ocean Monuments, or even Buried Treasure. Use these maps to navigate through the vast world of Minecraft and discover hidden wonders.

Minecraft PE 1.0.9 is an exciting update that introduces a wealth of new features and challenges to the game. With End Cities, Elytra Wings, Woodland Mansions, Llamas, and Exploration Maps, players will have endless opportunities for adventure, exploration, and creativity in their Minecraft worlds. So dive in and start uncovering the secrets that await!


  • What do I get from the Ender Dragon in MCPE 1.0.9?

    You get a Dragon Egg and lots of XP.
  • What are Endermites?

    These pesky creatures spawn whenever you use an Ender Pearl.
  • How many HP does the Dragon have?

    The Ender Dragon possess 200 HP.