Minecraft PE 1.1.2

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Minecraft PE 1.1.2 introduces an exciting new dimension to explore - the End City. This mysterious and challenging realm is home to the Ender Dragon and is filled with unique structures and treasures. Prepare yourself for an epic adventure as you battle through hordes of dangerous mobs, face off against the Ender Dragon, and uncover rare loot in the End City.

New Creatures

Get ready to encounter new creatures in Minecraft PE 1.1.2. The Shulker is a powerful enemy that protects the End City, but defeating it rewards you with valuable Shulker Shells. These shells can be used to craft Shulker Boxes, which provide extra inventory space for all your valuable loot. Additionally, you may come across the Endermite, a small insect-like creature that spawns in the End and drops valuable items when defeated.

Improved Gameplay

Minecraft PE 1.1.2 brings several gameplay improvements to enhance your gaming experience. You can now use the Elytra wings to soar through the skies, allowing for faster and more exciting travel. Moreover, the Sweeping Edge enchantment has been added to swords, enabling you to deal damage to multiple enemies with a single swing.

Exploration Enhancements

With Minecraft PE 1.1.2, exploring the vast world of Minecraft has become even more rewarding. Buried treasure maps can now be found in shipwrecks, leading you to hidden chests filled with valuable loot. Additionally, there are new enchantment books scattered throughout the game, granting you powerful abilities to aid in your adventures.

Technical Improvements

This update also includes various technical improvements, such as bug fixes and optimizations, to ensure a smoother and more stable gameplay experience. From improved performance to enhanced graphics, Minecraft PE 1.1.2 provides a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

So, grab your pickaxe, don your armor, and embark on an exhilarating journey through the new dimensions, face new foes, and uncover hidden treasures in Minecraft PE 1.1.2!


  • How do I get a glazed terracotta?

    Smelt a dried clay block.
  • What do I do with the Totem of Undying in MCPE 1.1.2?

    You can resurrect yourself with it.
  • Where do I find llamas?

    This extraordinary mobs live in savannas and mountains.