Minecraft PE 1.11.3

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One of the most exciting additions to Minecraft PE 1.11.3 is the introduction of pillagers and raids. These hostile mobs can be found in the new Pillager Outpost, a structure that generates in the game. Pillagers are armed with powerful crossbows and can cause serious damage to players. They are also known for their ill-fated raids on villages, so players must be prepared to defend their settlements from these ruthless invaders.

2. Village Changes

Minecraft PE 1.11.3 brings some significant changes to villages. Now, villagers have a new look, with updated skins and outfits, making them more diverse and realistic. Players can also find new job sites, such as the Cartography Table and Fletching Table, where villagers can work and offer their services. These additions enhance the overall village experience, allowing players to interact with villagers in new and exciting ways.

3. New Trading System

With the introduction of Minecraft PE 1.11.3, the trading system has received a major overhaul. Villagers now have different levels of trades, which means players can unlock better deals by trading more with them. Additionally, villagers now have specific professions, which affect their trades and the items they offer. This update adds depth and complexity to the trading system, making it more engaging for players.

4. Bamboo and Pandas

Minecraft PE 1.11.3 introduces bamboo, a new plant that generates in jungle biomes. Bamboo can be harvested and used to craft various items, including scaffolding, which allows players to build structures more efficiently. Alongside bamboo, players can also encounter adorable pandas in the jungle biomes. These charming creatures come in different personalities and can be bred using bamboo. They add a touch of cuteness to the game and provide players with a new animal to interact with.

5. Bug Fixes and Improvements

In addition to the new features, Minecraft PE 1.11.3 brings several bug fixes and performance improvements. These fixes address issues reported by players, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. The developers have also made tweaks to the user interface, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Overall, Minecraft PE 1.11.3 is an exciting update that introduces new features, enhances existing gameplay elements, and improves the overall performance of the game. Whether you're battling pillagers, trading with villagers, or exploring the jungle with pandas, this update offers a wealth of new content to keep players engaged and entertained.


  • How do I create a town in MCPE 1.11.3?

    You need to place beds, doors, and create a house.
  • How do I bring villagers to my own village?

    You can transfer them with bell or using a boat.
  • What do grinders do?

    You can use them to get rid of enhancements.