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Minecraft PE introduces an adorable addition to the game - bees! These buzzing creatures can be found in flower-filled biomes, such as plains and sunflower fields. Bees are not only cute, but they also play a crucial role in pollinating flowers and crops. They can collect pollen from flowers and carry it back to their beehives.

Beehives are another new feature in this update. They can be found hanging from trees and are home to bees. When bees return to their beehives, they will produce honey, which can be harvested by players. Honey is a versatile resource that can be used to make honey blocks and honeycomb, both of which have unique properties.

New Blocks and Items

In addition to honey blocks and honeycomb, Minecraft PE introduces several other new blocks and items. One notable addition is the campfire, which can be used to cook food and act as a light source. Lanterns are another exciting new item that can be crafted and hung to illuminate your surroundings.

Players can also look forward to new types of wood, including warped and crimson planks. These can be used to build unique structures and add variety to your Minecraft world. There are also new wood-related blocks, such as stripped stems and hyphae, which can be used for decorative purposes.

Gameplay and Bug Fixes

Minecraft PE also brings numerous gameplay improvements and bug fixes. The update addresses various crashes and issues that players have encountered, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. Additionally, several tweaks have been made to improve performance and optimize the game's overall stability.


Minecraft PE introduces exciting new features, such as bees and beehives, as well as a range of new blocks and items. The update also includes gameplay improvements and bug fixes, enhancing the overall quality of the game. So, grab your tools and venture into the Minecraft world to explore these new additions and create amazing structures with the new blocks!


  • What happened to villages in MCPE

    They have been entirely revamped.
  • Where can I find villagers?

    They spawn almost in all biomes.
  • Where do I come across a brown mooshroom?

    It doesn't spawn naturally.