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Minecraft PE brings a buzz-worthy update, introducing bees and honey blocks to the game. These adorable little insects now inhabit the lush and vibrant Minecraft world, adding a touch of nature and sweetness to your gameplay. Bees can be found buzzing around flowers, collecting pollen and nectar to create honey.

Crafting and Harvesting Honey Blocks

With the addition of bees comes the introduction of honey blocks. These sticky blocks have unique properties that can be utilized in various ways. They can be crafted using honeycombs harvested from beehives, and when placed, they provide a sticky surface that can be used for climbing or slowing down entities. Honey blocks also have the ability to reduce fall damage when landed upon, making them a valuable addition to your building projects.

Bee Nests and Beehives

To encounter bees, you'll need to search for their homes. Bee nests and beehives can be found in flower-filled biomes, such as plains and sunflower plains. Bee nests generate naturally and can contain honeycombs, which can be harvested by using shears. However, be careful not to disturb the bees too much, as they may become aggressive. Beehives, on the other hand, can be crafted using honeycombs and wood planks, providing a safe and cozy home for your buzzing friends.

Benefit from Bees and Honey

Bees are not just cute additions to the game; they also have a significant impact on the Minecraft world. They play a crucial role in pollination, helping flowers and crops grow. You can also use shears to collect honeycombs from beehives without angering the bees. Honey bottles can be crafted using honeycombs, providing a delicious and valuable food source that restores hunger and grants various potion effects.


Minecraft PE introduces bees and honey blocks, adding a delightful touch of nature and sweetness to your Minecraft adventures. Explore the flower-filled biomes, harvest honeycombs, and create your own beehives to enjoy the benefits of bees and their honey. So, jump into the game, embrace the buzz, and let the world of Minecraft come alive with these charming new additions.


  • How do I tame a fox in MCPE

    You cannot tame it.
  • Why are foxes running away from me?

    Foxes are timid creatures, but you can sneak if you don't want to scare them off.
  • What do foxes eat?

    They eat wild berries.