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Minecraft PE is abuzz with the arrival of everyone's favorite pollinators – bees! These adorable little creatures have made their way into the game, bringing a whole new level of life to your virtual world. Bees can be found buzzing around flowers, collecting nectar and pollen. They even have their own hives, which you can discover and harvest honey from. But beware, because these fuzzy little insects will defend their homes if they feel threatened!

Bee Nests and Beehives

In this latest update, the world of Minecraft PE becomes even more realistic with the addition of bee nests and beehives. Bee nests can be found naturally in the world, usually attached to trees or under overhangs. Beehives, on the other hand, are crafted by players using honeycomb and wood planks. Both structures serve as homes for bees and can be harvested for honey. So, keep an eye out for these buzzing abodes and take advantage of the sweet rewards they offer!

Getting Sticky with Honey Blocks

Another exciting addition in Minecraft PE is the introduction of honey blocks. These sticky blocks can be crafted using honey bottles, and they have some interesting properties. Honey blocks are known for their ability to slow down movement, making them perfect for creating intricate redstone contraptions or sticky situations for your unsuspecting friends. They can also be used as a building block, adding a unique touch to your architectural creations.

Gameplay Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Apart from the bee-related content, Minecraft PE also brings various gameplay enhancements and bug fixes. These improvements ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience for players. From fixing issues with redstone mechanics to optimizing performance, Mojang Studios has listened to the community and worked diligently to improve the overall gameplay.


With the addition of bees, bee nests, beehives, honey blocks, and various gameplay enhancements, Minecraft PE offers an exciting update that invites players to explore and engage with the natural world of Minecraft in a whole new way. So, don your virtual beekeeper suit and dive into this buzzing adventure!


  • How do I find a dolphin in MCPE

    They live only in oceans.
  • Where can I come across a fox?

    These gingerly creatures can be found in taigas.
  • What are the new blocks in MCPE

    There is a void block in the game now.