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One of the most exciting additions to Minecraft PE is the introduction of bees! These cute little creatures can be found buzzing around flower fields and forests, adding a touch of life to your Minecraft world. Bees have their own unique behaviors, such as collecting pollen from flowers and returning to their beehives. You can also collect honey from beehives, which can be used for various crafting recipes.

Another new addition related to bees is the honey block. These sticky blocks can be crafted using honeycombs, and they have some interesting properties. When you walk on a honey block, you'll experience a slower movement speed, allowing for precise movement and control. Honey blocks can also be used to create slime block-like contraptions, allowing for new and creative redstone creations.

2. Bug Fixes and Improvements

In every Minecraft update, bug fixes and improvements are an essential part, and Minecraft PE is no exception. This update addresses several issues that players have encountered, including crashes, performance improvements, and general gameplay bugs. The developers have been working hard to make your Minecraft experience smoother and more enjoyable, so you can expect a more stable and reliable game.

3. User Interface Enhancements

Minecraft PE brings some user interface enhancements to improve the overall gameplay experience. The inventory screen now includes buttons to quickly equip armor and accessories, making it easier to gear up for your Minecraft adventures. Additionally, the crafting screen has been updated to allow for easier crafting and recipe navigation.

4. General Gameplay Changes

Apart from the specific features mentioned above, Minecraft PE includes several general gameplay changes. These changes are aimed at enhancing the overall gameplay experience, such as tweaks to game mechanics, better world generation, and improvements to the performance of certain game elements.

In conclusion, Minecraft PE introduces some exciting new features, including bees and honey blocks, along with bug fixes and improvements to enhance the gameplay experience. Whether you're an avid Minecraft player or a newcomer to the game, this update offers something for everyone to enjoy. So grab your pickaxe, venture into the world of Minecraft, and embrace the new possibilities that await you!


  • Where can I find foxes in MCPE

    Usually, they live in taigas and tundras.
  • How tasty are berries?

    If you eat one, you get one hunger point restored.
  • Can I tame foxes?

    You cannot do it, but you are able to befriend them by feeding them.