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The latest update for Minecraft Pocket Edition, version, brings a delightful addition to the game – bees! These fuzzy little creatures are buzzing around the blocky world, bringing life and charm to your Minecraft adventures. Not only are they adorable, but they also have some exciting features. Bees are attracted to flowers and will tirelessly collect nectar to make honey. Harvesting honey can be done by using shears on a beehive or a honeycomb. The sweet honey can be used in various recipes or as a healing item, providing a much-needed boost to your survival gameplay.

Block Updates and Fixes:

With each new update, Minecraft PE becomes more refined and polished. Version brings several block updates and bug fixes, ensuring a smoother gaming experience. Mojang Studios has addressed various issues, including stability improvements, performance enhancements, and other minor glitches. These updates aim to enhance the overall gameplay and make your Minecraft adventures more enjoyable.

Technical Improvements:

Minecraft PE also introduces technical improvements that optimize the game's performance. These enhancements include better rendering, smoother frame rates, and increased stability, particularly on older devices. These improvements ensure that players can fully immerse themselves in the world of Minecraft PE without any technical hiccups.

Community Feedback:

Mojang Studios values the input of the Minecraft community and regularly updates the game based on player feedback. Minecraft PE incorporates various changes and fixes suggested by the community, making it a more player-centric update. This demonstrates Mojang's commitment to actively listen to their players and improve the game accordingly.

In conclusion, Minecraft PE is an exciting update that introduces buzzing bees, sweet honey, block updates, bug fixes, and technical improvements. With each new version, Minecraft PE continues to evolve and provide a delightful gaming experience for all players. So, grab your tools, explore the blocky world, and befriend the adorable bees in Minecraft PE!


  • Where can I see bees in MCPE

    You can find them near the flowers!
  • How do I get a honeycomb?

    You have to use shears either on a bee nest or on a beehive.
  • What does the honey do?

    You can drink it and restore your hunger points.