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Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) has always been a fantastic way to experience the world of Minecraft on your mobile devices. With the latest update, version, the game has become even more exciting and immersive. Let's dive into the new features that await you in this update!

Bees and Honey: A Sweet Addition

One of the most buzz-worthy additions to Minecraft PE is the introduction of bees and honey. These adorable, buzzing creatures can now be found in the game, adding a touch of life and realism to your virtual world. Bees are not just cute; they also play a vital role in pollinating flowers and crops, making them an essential part of your Minecraft ecosystem.

But bees aren't the only highlight of this update. Honey blocks and honeycombs have also made their sweet debut. Honey blocks act as a sticky surface, allowing for interesting new mechanics and contraptions. Meanwhile, honeycombs can be crafted into decorative blocks, adding a touch of charm to your creations.

User Interface Improvements

Minecraft PE brings some much-needed user interface improvements, making navigation and crafting a breeze. The crafting screen has been revamped to provide a more intuitive experience, allowing you to craft items quickly and easily. Additionally, the inventory management system has been enhanced, making it simpler to organize and access your items.

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

In every update, bug fixes and performance enhancements are crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Minecraft PE includes numerous bug fixes, addressing various issues reported by players. These fixes range from minor annoyances to more critical problems, ensuring that your adventures in Minecraft PE remain as seamless as possible.

Furthermore, Mojang Studios has worked tirelessly to optimize the game's performance. You can expect improved frame rates and reduced lag, allowing for a more immersive and enjoyable gameplay experience.


Minecraft PE is a fantastic update that introduces exciting new features, improves the user interface, and enhances the overall performance of the game. With the addition of bees and honey, as well as the various bug fixes and optimizations, Minecraft PE continues to offer endless possibilities for exploration, creativity, and adventure. So, grab your pickaxe, gather your friends, and embark on a journey into the blocky world of Minecraft PE!


  • Where can I get honey from?

    You need to find a nest full of it in the wild.
  • How do I breed bees in MCPE

    Use flowers for these purposes.
  • What has happened to dispensers?

    They can now collect honeycombs and honey.