Minecraft PE 1.16.10

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In Minecraft PE 1.16.10, players can expect to encounter two new mobs: the Strider and the Piglin Brute. The Strider is a passive mob that spawns in the Nether and can be ridden using a saddle. It is immune to fire and lava, making it the perfect companion for navigating the treacherous Nether terrain. On the other hand, the Piglin Brute is a hostile mob that can be found in Bastion Remnants. They are stronger and more aggressive than regular Piglins, so be prepared for a tougher fight!

2. Candles

Light up your world with the introduction of candles in Minecraft PE 1.16.10! These new decorative blocks can be crafted using honeycomb and string, and they come in different colors. Candles can be placed on surfaces or attached to walls, adding a cozy and warm ambiance to any room or outdoor area. You can even light them up using flint and steel or a fire charge. Be careful, though, as candles can be extinguished by water or rain.

3. Copper

With the addition of copper in Minecraft PE 1.16.10, players can now mine and smelt this new resource to create various decorative blocks and items. Copper can be found underground, and when exposed to air, it oxidizes and changes color over time, adding a unique and realistic touch to your builds. You can craft copper blocks, slabs, stairs, and even create lightning rods to protect your structures from being struck by lightning.

4. Amethyst Geodes

Explore the depths of your world to find stunning amethyst geodes in Minecraft PE 1.16.10. These rare structures generate underground and are filled with amethyst blocks, budding amethyst, and amethyst clusters. Amethyst shards obtained from mining can be used to craft tinted glass, spyglasses, and even a new type of redstone component called the "lightning rod." The geodes also contain amethyst buds, which can be grown into fully grown amethyst clusters by using bone meal.

5. Game Improvements

Minecraft PE 1.16.10 also brings several game improvements, including bug fixes and optimizations. Players can expect a smoother gameplay experience with reduced lag and improved performance. Additionally, various issues and glitches have been resolved, ensuring a more enjoyable and stable playing environment.

In conclusion, Minecraft PE 1.16.10 introduces exciting new features such as new mobs, candles, copper, amethyst geodes, and game improvements. Whether you're looking to explore the Nether, decorate your builds, or simply enjoy a better gaming experience, this update has something for everyone. So grab your pickaxe, light up some candles, and embark on new adventures in the ever-evolving world of Minecraft PE!


  • Can I trade with Brutes in MCPE 1.16.10?

    No, you cannot do it at all.
  • What blocks received new sounds?

    Most of the new added Nether blocks have obtained these sounds.
  • Can cheap smartphones launch the game?

    Yes since its performance has been bettered.