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Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) introduces the highly anticipated Nether Update to the game. The Nether, a dangerous dimension filled with fire, lava, and fearsome creatures, has received a major overhaul with new biomes, mobs, and gameplay elements.

New Biomes

Venture into the Nether and explore four brand-new biomes: the Crimson Forest, Warped Forest, Soulsand Valley, and Basalt Deltas. Each biome has its own unique terrain, blocks, and atmosphere, providing players with fresh and exciting areas to explore.

In the Crimson Forest, you'll find towering crimson fungi, crimson roots, and hoglins, a new hostile mob. The Warped Forest, on the other hand, is filled with warped fungi, warped roots, and endermen. Be careful not to anger them! The Soulsand Valley is a desolate place with soul sand and soul soil, where skeletons and ghasts roam. Lastly, the Basalt Deltas offer a dangerous landscape with basalt pillars, magma cubes, and striders, a new passive mob that can be ridden.

New Mobs

Speaking of mobs, Minecraft PE introduces several new creatures to the Nether. The hoglins are hostile beasts that attack players on sight, dropping valuable resources such as pork and leather. The piglins are neutral mobs that can be bartered with using gold ingots, and they will trade various items including rare Netherite gear. Be cautious, though, as attacking them will turn them hostile.

Additionally, the striders are passive mobs that can be found wandering the Basalt Deltas. They can be saddled and ridden across lava, providing a unique and thrilling method of transportation in the treacherous Nether.

Gameplay Improvements

Minecraft PE also includes various gameplay improvements and bug fixes. The update introduces new blocks and items, such as Netherite, the strongest material in the game, which can be used to craft powerful tools and armor. It also enhances the stability and performance of the game, ensuring smoother gameplay experience for all players.


The Nether Update in Minecraft PE brings a whole new dimension of adventure and danger to the game. With new biomes, mobs, and gameplay improvements, players can dive into the fiery depths of the Nether and discover its secrets. So, grab your pickaxe and prepare for an exciting journey in the updated Minecraft Pocket Edition!


  • Where do I find Brutes in MCPE

    They spawn only in Piglin Bastions.
  • How do I make piglins trade with me?

    You need to wear something made of gold.
  • Where do I find zoglins?

    You have to make an ordinary hoglin enter the Overworld.