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Minecraft PE brings the highly anticipated Nether Update to the mobile version of the game, opening up a whole new dimension of adventure and exploration. The Nether has been completely revamped, offering players a plethora of exciting features and challenges.

New Biomes

Explore the Nether's new biomes, each with its own unique environment and resources. Encounter the eerie Warped Forest, where twisting vines and warped fungi dominate the landscape. Brave the dangerous Soul Sand Valley, filled with skeletal remains and soul sand that slows your movement. Journey through the Crimson Forest, where towering crimson fungi and hoglins roam.


Encounter new mobs in the Nether, such as the Piglins, who are hostile unless you wear golden armor. Beware of the Hoglins, aggressive beasts that inhabit the Crimson Forest. The Striders, passive creatures that can walk on lava, are your new means of transportation in the Nether.

New Blocks

Discover a variety of new blocks to build with, including Netherite, a rare material that enhances your armor and tools. Use it to create powerful weapons and armor that surpass even diamond quality. Experiment with the new Netherite block, which can withstand powerful explosions.

Bastions and Ruined Portals

Embark on treacherous quests to find ancient Bastions and Ruined Portals scattered throughout the Nether. Bastions are fortresses guarded by Piglins and contain valuable loot, while Ruined Portals serve as remnants of a long-lost civilization.

Gameplay Improvements

Minecraft PE also brings several gameplay improvements to enhance your overall experience. Enjoy better performance, bug fixes, and stability enhancements. The developers have been hard at work, addressing community feedback and refining the game to provide a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.


Minecraft PE delivers an exciting update to the mobile version of the game, introducing a revamped Nether dimension filled with new biomes, mobs, and blocks. Embark on thrilling adventures, uncover ancient ruins, and harness the power of Netherite. With improved gameplay and bug fixes, this update promises an engaging and seamless experience for all Minecraft Pocket Edition players.


  • Where do I find Striders in MCPE

    They spawn beside the Warped Forest in lava pools
  • Can I tame a hoglin?

    No, you cannot do it since they are only hostile.
  • Where can I find the Pigstep music disc?

    You will most likely find it in Nether Fortresses and Piglin Bastions.