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Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) is the latest update that brings a host of bug fixes and improvements to the game. In this version, the developers have focused on enhancing the overall gameplay experience by addressing various issues reported by the players.

One of the major bug fixes in this update is related to the performance of the game. Players can now expect a smoother and more optimized gameplay experience, with fewer lags and frame rate drops. This improvement is particularly noticeable on lower-end devices, ensuring that players can enjoy Minecraft PE without any technical hindrances.

The update also addresses several gameplay-related issues. For instance, players will now find that the Ender Dragon's breath attack no longer goes through blocks, ensuring a fairer battle when facing this formidable creature. Additionally, players will no longer experience issues with missing textures on certain blocks, ensuring a more visually consistent game world.

Another notable bug fix is related to villagers. Previously, villagers would sometimes refuse to sleep in their beds, hindering their ability to restock their trades. With this update, villagers will now successfully sleep in their beds, allowing players to easily trade with them and acquire valuable items.

In addition to bug fixes, Minecraft PE also brings some minor improvements. For example, the game now supports touch control sensitivity adjustments, allowing players to fine-tune their control settings according to their preferences. This feature is especially handy for players who play on mobile devices and want to optimize their gameplay experience.

Overall, Minecraft PE is an update that focuses on enhancing the game's performance, fixing various bugs, and introducing minor improvements. With these improvements, players can expect a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience, ensuring that Minecraft PE remains one of the most popular mobile games for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.


  • How do I get netherite in MCPE

    You should go deep below the Nether and mine ancient debris.
  • What do I do with ancient debris?

    Melt it in blast furnace and use those scraps with gold to get netherite ingots.
  • How do I craft netherite stuff?

    Apply netherite ingots to diamond stuff in the smithing table.