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One of the most exciting features of Minecraft PE is the continuation of the highly anticipated Caves and Cliffs update. This update introduces a plethora of new blocks, mobs, and biomes to explore, making your Minecraft adventures even more thrilling.

Deep Dark Biome

One of the standout additions in this update is the Deep Dark biome. This eerie underground biome is home to the Warden, a formidable new mob that relies on vibrations to sense its surroundings. Be careful not to make any sudden movements, as the Warden can easily overpower unsuspecting players.

New Blocks and Ore Variants

Minecraft PE brings a variety of new blocks and ore variants to enhance your building and mining experiences. From the elegant Amethyst blocks to the vibrant Copper blocks, your creativity knows no bounds. Copper ore can also be mined and smelted to create decorative copper blocks or even lightning rods to protect your structures from lightning strikes.

Goat Mob

Prepare to encounter a new mischievous mob in the mountains - the Goat! These lively creatures can be found scaling the cliffs and are known for their ability to ram anything in their path. Keep an eye out for these playful beings, but be cautious, as they can send you flying off the edge if you're not careful.

Improved Gameplay Mechanics

In Minecraft PE, Mojang Studios has focused on refining gameplay mechanics to make your Minecraft experience smoother and more enjoyable. This update includes tweaks to redstone systems, lighting mechanics, and the introduction of powder snow, a new block that adds an element of strategy to your adventures.


With the release of Minecraft PE, players can delve deeper into the Caves and Cliffs update, exploring new biomes, encountering challenging mobs, and expanding their creative possibilities with a plethora of new blocks. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a master builder, this update is sure to inject fresh excitement into your Minecraft world. So, grab your pickaxe, saddle up your goat, and embark on a thrilling journey in the ever-evolving world of Minecraft PE.


  • How do I make powder snow in MCPE

    You can't make, but find it.
  • How do I collect the new snow block?

    Use buckets to grab it.
  • Can I mount goats?

    No, you cannot ride a goat.