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Minecraft PE is the latest update for the popular sandbox game, bringing a plethora of exciting new features and improvements. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft player or just starting your adventure, this update is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

New Mobs

One of the most significant additions in Minecraft PE is the introduction of new mobs. Prepare to encounter the adorable Axolotl, an aquatic creature that can be tamed and used to battle enemies underwater. These cute creatures come in various colors and can even play dead when facing danger.

Additionally, the Glow Squid makes its debut in this update, adding a mesmerizing glow to the underwater world. These squids emit a soft, bioluminescent light, creating a magical ambiance as you explore the depths of the ocean.

Glow Lichen and Dripstone Caves

Minecraft PE also introduces two new exciting features: Glow Lichen and Dripstone Caves. Glow Lichen is a luminous plant that grows on blocks and emits a gentle glow, perfect for creating enchanting gardens or lighting up dark areas.

Dripstone Caves offer a new underground biome filled with perilous stalactites and stalagmites. These formations can be collected and crafted into new blocks and objects, adding a sense of danger and adventure to your spelunking expeditions.

Copper and Lightning Rods

Copper, a new ore, makes its appearance in Minecraft PE This versatile material can be used to craft various decorative blocks and items, allowing players to add a touch of elegance to their builds.

To protect your structures from lightning strikes, you can now construct lightning rods. These rods will attract lightning strikes, preventing them from damaging your precious creations.

Other Improvements

In addition to the major features mentioned above, Minecraft PE brings various other enhancements. You can now customize the color of text on signs, use bundles to bundle together multiple items, and enjoy improved performance and stability.

So, whether you want to explore new underground biomes, tame adorable Axolotls, or add some flair to your builds with copper blocks, Minecraft PE has something for everyone. Jump into the game and experience all the exciting new features that await you!


  • How do I make powder snow in MCPE

    You can't make, but find it.
  • How do I collect the new snow block?

    Use buckets to grab it.
  • Can I mount goats?

    No, you cannot ride a goat.