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One of the most exciting additions to Minecraft PE is the introduction of Piglin Trading and Bartering. Players can now encounter Piglins in the Nether, and by offering them certain items, they have a chance to receive valuable resources in return. These resources include rare items like Netherite Scraps, Soul Speed Enchanted Books, and even the highly coveted Netherite Ingots. This new feature adds depth and excitement to Nether exploration, as players can now engage in trading with Piglins to obtain rare resources and improve their gameplay.


Copper is a new ore that has been introduced in this update. This versatile metal can be found underground and can be used to craft various decorative blocks and items. Over time, exposed copper blocks will undergo a unique weathering process, changing their appearance from a shiny copper color to a vibrant green patina. This adds a touch of realism to the game and allows players to create aesthetically pleasing structures using copper blocks and items.

Glow Lichen

Another exciting addition to Minecraft PE is the introduction of Glow Lichen. This unique plant can be found in caves and emits a soft, glowing light. It adds ambiance and beauty to underground environments and can be harvested using shears. Players can then use Glow Lichen to create stunning light displays or as a natural light source in dark areas.

Goat Mob

Say hello to the newest mob in Minecraft PE - the Goat! These playful creatures can be found in mountainous biomes and can be tamed using wheat. Goats are known for their agility and can scale steep cliffs with ease. They also have a tendency to ram into things, and this behavior adds a fun element to gameplay. Players can breed and raise goats, making them a valuable addition to any farm.

Additional Changes and Improvements

Aside from the major additions, Minecraft PE also includes several bug fixes, performance enhancements, and quality of life improvements. These improvements ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for players. Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft player or new to the game, this update offers something for everyone, from exploring the Nether with Piglin Trading to adding unique decorative blocks with copper and enjoying the beauty of Glow Lichen. So grab your pickaxe and venture into the exciting world of Minecraft PE!


  • How do I make powder snow in MCPE

    You can't make, but find it.
  • How do I collect the new snow block?

    Use buckets to grab it.
  • Can I mount goats?

    No, you cannot ride a goat.