Minecraft PE 1.17.34

Version MCPE for Android
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Minecraft PE 1.17.34 brings the highly anticipated Caves and Cliffs update to the palm of your hand! Prepare to embark on exciting adventures and explore a world filled with breathtaking landscapes, unique mobs, and thrilling underground caves.

Improved Cave Generation

With this update, the cave generation algorithm has been revamped to create more diverse and intricate underground environments. You'll encounter sprawling cave systems, towering stalagmites and stalactites, and even underground lakes. Get ready to mine rare ores and discover hidden treasures as you journey through these stunning subterranean realms.

New Mobs

Minecraft PE 1.17.34 introduces several new mobs to encounter on your travels. Watch out for the menacing Warden, a blind and powerful creature lurking in the deepest parts of the caves. This formidable mob will attack any players who make noise, so tread carefully. You'll also come across adorable Axolotls, amphibious creatures that can be tamed and used as underwater companions. Don't forget to protect them from harm!

Goat-ting Your Way to New Heights

Say hello to the new addition to the animal kingdom – goats! These playful creatures can be found scaling mountain slopes and will attempt to ram into anything in their path. Be cautious, as their headbutts can send you flying off cliffs or into danger. However, their antics are sure to bring a smile to your face!

Amethyst Geodes and Copper

Discover the beauty of amethyst geodes, scattered throughout the Minecraft world. These sparkling structures house amethyst crystals that can be harvested and used for various purposes, including crafting telescopes and tinted glass. Additionally, the new copper ore can be mined and smelted to create decorative blocks and useful items.


Minecraft PE 1.17.34 is an exciting update that brings the wonders of the Caves and Cliffs update to your mobile device. Get ready to explore new underground landscapes, encounter unique mobs, and embark on thrilling adventures. Whether you're mining for rare ores, taming Axolotls, or dodging the powerful Warden, this update is sure to keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end. So grab your pickaxe and start your journey into the depths of Minecraft!


  • Where do I get a bundle from in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.17.34?

    They are made of rabbit hides and a string.
  • How do I make a candle?

    Use honeycomb and a string.
  • Where do I find amethyst geodes?

    They spawn all throughout the world.