Minecraft PE 1.17.40

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Minecraft PE 1.17.40 brings you the highly anticipated Caves and Cliffs update, introducing a whole new level of excitement and adventure to your Minecraft experience. Prepare to embark on thrilling underground journeys and conquer towering mountains like never before!

Lush Caves

Venture deep into the underground and discover the enchanting Lush Caves. These vibrant and lush biomes are home to unique vegetation, such as the glowing spore blossoms and the beautiful azalea bushes. Keep an eye out for the adorable axolotls, friendly aquatic creatures that can become your trusty companions in your subterranean explorations.

Dripstone Caves

Prepare yourself for the treacherous Dripstone Caves, where danger lurks at every turn. Watch out for stalactites and stalagmites made of pointed dripstone that can inflict damage upon contact. Use them strategically to your advantage or risk being impaled by these natural formations.

Goats and Powder Snow

Meet the new addition to the animal kingdom in Minecraft: goats! These nimble creatures can be found roaming the mountains, leaping from cliff to cliff with ease. Challenge yourself to catch and tame them, but beware of their powerful horns! Additionally, the snowy peaks come with a new block called powder snow, which you can sink into. Be careful not to get trapped in this fluffy and freezing snow, as it can lead to perilous situations.

New Blocks and Items

Minecraft PE 1.17.40 introduces a range of new blocks and items to enhance your building and crafting experience. Get creative with the new copper blocks, which can weather and oxidize over time, adding a touch of realism to your structures. Utilize the lightning rod to protect your creations from destructive lightning strikes. And don't forget to craft the spyglass, a handy tool that allows you to zoom in on distant objects and take in the breathtaking views of your world.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

In addition to the exciting new features, this update also includes several general improvements and bug fixes to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience. From addressing performance issues to resolving annoying glitches, the developers have worked tirelessly to make your Minecraft journey as seamless as possible.

So, gather your friends, sharpen your pickaxes, and get ready to explore the wonders of the Caves and Cliffs update in Minecraft PE 1.17.40. Uncover hidden treasures, conquer challenging terrains, and create magnificent structures in this ever-evolving sandbox adventure. The possibilities are endless, and the journey awaits you!


  • Where do I get a bundle from in MCPE 1.17.40?

    They are made of rabbit hides and a string.
  • How do I make a candle?

    Use honeycomb and a string.
  • Where do I find amethyst geodes?

    They spawn all throughout the world.