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The Minecraft PE update brings exciting new features as part of the highly anticipated Caves and Cliffs update. Get ready to explore and discover a whole new world underground and high up in the skies!

Lush Caves

Descend into the depths and stumble upon Lush Caves, a stunning biome filled with vibrant vegetation and unique plants. These caves are home to the beautiful Azalea trees, which provide a splash of color to the underground landscape. Keep an eye out for the elusive Axolotls, cute aquatic creatures that can be tamed and make for great companions in your adventures.

Dripstone Caves

Venture even deeper and you'll find the treacherous Dripstone Caves. These caves are filled with stalactites and stalagmites that can be used as deadly spikes or as a source of useful materials. Be cautious when exploring these caves, as one wrong move could send you plummeting into the depths below.

New Mobs

The Minecraft PE update introduces two new mobs to the game. The first is the adorable and friendly Goat. These mischievous creatures can be found atop mountains and love to jump around, often leading to some unexpected encounters. Be careful not to get too close to their horns or you might find yourself taking a tumble!

The second new mob is the menacing Warden. Deep in the darkness of the Deep Dark biome, this blind and powerful creature lurks, relying on sound to detect its prey. With its immense strength and ability to deal devastating damage, the Warden poses a formidable challenge for even the most skilled players.

Other Improvements

In addition to the major additions, Minecraft PE also includes various bug fixes, optimizations, and quality-of-life improvements. These updates ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience for all players.

So, don your armor, grab your pickaxe, and delve into the depths of Minecraft PE's Caves and Cliffs update. Prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking new biomes, face off against challenging mobs, and uncover hidden treasures in this vast and ever-evolving world. Happy mining!


  • What does a goat horn do?

    Emits a sound signal identical to the horn sound played during a raid.
  • How long does the dark effect last?

    Just a few seconds.
  • Where do I find amethyst geodes?

    They spawn all throughout the world.