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One of the most exciting additions in Minecraft PE is the introduction of the glow squid and glow ink. These mesmerizing creatures can now be found in the depths of underwater caves and ravines. The glow squid emits a beautiful bioluminescent glow, making it a spectacle to behold. Players can now collect glow ink sacs dropped by the glow squid, which can be used to create glowing signs and text in a variety of vibrant colors. This new addition adds a visually stunning element to your Minecraft world.

Sculk Sensors

Another notable addition in this update is the introduction of sculk sensors. These new blocks can detect vibrations nearby, giving players a unique way to interact with their surroundings. When triggered, sculk sensors send a redstone signal, allowing for the creation of various contraptions and mechanisms. These blocks open up a whole new realm of possibilities for redstone engineers, enabling them to design intricate systems that respond to movement and sound.

Amethyst Geodes and Tinted Glass

Minecraft PE also introduces amethyst geodes, which can be found underground. These geodes contain beautiful amethyst crystals that can be harvested and used to craft various decorative blocks and items. Additionally, the update brings tinted glass, allowing players to add a touch of color to their windows and structures. With the addition of these new blocks, players can enhance the aesthetics of their builds and create stunning underground sanctuaries.

Additional Changes and Improvements

In addition to the major additions mentioned above, Minecraft PE brings several smaller changes and improvements. The update includes bug fixes and optimizations to enhance the overall gameplay experience. It also introduces new achievements and advancements, giving players more goals to strive for. Furthermore, the update includes tweaks to existing features, such as improved performance and new options for customizing game settings.

Overall, Minecraft PE is an exciting update that introduces a range of new features, including the captivating glow squid, sculk sensors, amethyst geodes, and tinted glass. With these additions, players can explore new possibilities in their Minecraft worlds, creating visually stunning builds and experimenting with innovative redstone contraptions. So, jump into the update and unleash your creativity in this ever-evolving sandbox game.


  • How to spawn Sniffer?

    There are torchflowers to spawn these creatures.
  • How to use brushes?

    Players can use these items to extract objects from suspicious sand.
  • What blocks appeared in the game?

    Suspicious sand.