Minecraft PE 1.19.73

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The highly anticipated Caves and Cliffs Part II update has finally arrived in Minecraft PE 1.19.73! This update brings a whole new dimension to the game with exciting features and enhancements that will surely keep players hooked for hours on end.

Amethyst Geodes

One of the biggest additions in this update is the introduction of amethyst geodes. These stunning structures can be found deep within the underground, and they contain valuable amethyst crystals. These crystals can be used to craft various items, including the spyglass, which allows players to zoom in on distant objects and explore the world in a whole new way.

New Mobs

Minecraft PE 1.19.73 introduces several new mobs that will make your gameplay experience even more exciting. Say hello to the adorable axolotls, which can be found in the lush caves and can even be tamed and kept as pets. These cute aquatic creatures will aid you in battles and help you explore underwater areas.

Additionally, a new hostile mob called the warden has been added. This fearsome creature resides in the deep dark biome and is blind but can detect players through vibrations. Be careful not to make any sudden movements, as the warden will attack if it senses your presence!

New Blocks and Items

Minecraft PE 1.19.73 introduces a plethora of new blocks and items to enhance your building and crafting adventures. Discover the new copper blocks, which can be used to create decorative structures and oxidize over time, adding a touch of realism to your creations.

Furthermore, new items like the lightning rod and tinted glass have been added. The lightning rod protects your buildings from lightning strikes, while tinted glass allows for creative designs and adds a touch of privacy to your windows.

Performance Enhancements

In addition to all the exciting new features, Minecraft PE 1.19.73 also brings various performance enhancements, bug fixes, and optimizations. This ensures smoother gameplay, improved rendering, and a more enjoyable overall experience for all players.

So, what are you waiting for? Update your Minecraft PE to version 1.19.73 and explore the amazing world of Caves and Cliffs Part II. Embark on thrilling adventures, discover hidden treasures, and build magnificent structures with the all-new features and enhancements this update has to offer. Happy mining!


  • Where players can find suspicious sand?

    Players can find it in warm and cold ocean ruins.
  • How to use pottery shards?

    These items help players to craft decorative pots.
  • What players can do with cherry trees?

    Players can use this type of wood for crafting.