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The eagerly anticipated Mountain Biome has finally arrived in Minecraft PE! Brace yourself for towering peaks, snowy landscapes, and breathtaking views. This new biome is a haven for adventure seekers and resource gatherers alike. Explore the treacherous cliffs and caves that are scattered throughout the mountains, and discover rare minerals and ores hidden within their depths. Whether you're scaling the highest peak or delving into the heart of a mountain, the Mountain Biome offers a thrilling and visually stunning experience.

2. Goats

Introducing the adorable and mischievous Goats! These playful creatures have made their way into Minecraft PE, bringing a new level of fun and interaction to the game. Watch as they frolic on the mountainside, leaping and headbutting each other with their mighty horns. But be careful, as Goats can also be quite unpredictable! They may charge at unsuspecting players or even knock them off cliffs if provoked. Tame and breed Goats to create your own herd and witness their antics firsthand.

3. Powder Snow

Prepare to face the chilling effects of Powder Snow in Minecraft PE! This new block type adds a layer of depth and strategy to your gameplay. Walk on Powder Snow, and you'll experience a significant slowdown, making it a perfect trap for unsuspecting players or mobs. However, with the right equipment, you can negate its effects and traverse the snowy terrain unimpeded. Powder Snow also opens up new possibilities for creative builds and winter-themed landscapes.

4. Axolotls

Dive into the depths of Minecraft PE and encounter the Axolotls, charming aquatic creatures that can be found in various water bodies. These friendly amphibians can become your loyal companions, as they will fight by your side when you're in danger. Axolotls come in different colors, each with its own unique personality. Collect them all and create your own vibrant aquarium or embark on underwater adventures with these delightful companions.

5. Dripstone Caves

Unearth the secrets of the underground with the addition of Dripstone Caves in Minecraft PE These awe-inspiring caverns are adorned with stalactites and stalagmites, creating a stunning visual spectacle. Be cautious as you explore, as some stalactites may fall when disturbed, inflicting damage on unwary adventurers. Harvest dripstone blocks and create your own architectural wonders or navigate through these intricate caves to discover hidden treasures.

Minecraft PE brings an array of exciting features that will keep both new and seasoned players engaged for hours on end. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Mountain Biome, interact with adorable Goats and Axolotls, navigate treacherous Powder Snow, and explore the depths of the Dripstone Caves. The possibilities are endless in this ever-evolving world of Minecraft!


  • How to find suspicious sand?

    Players can find it in the desert.
  • How to use brushes?

    These items help players extract objects from suspicious sand.
  • What players can do with cherry blossom trees?

    They can use this wood for crafting.