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Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) has released its latest version,, also known as "The Wild Update." This update introduces a plethora of exciting features and improvements that will take your Minecraft experience to new heights. Let's dive into the details and discover what this update has in store for you!

Caves and Cliffs Expansion

One of the most significant additions in this update is the expansion of the Caves and Cliffs update. Prepare to explore vast cave systems filled with new ores, blocks, and mobs. Uncover hidden treasures, mine rare resources, and construct magnificent structures with the newly introduced materials.

Improved Cave Generation

In Minecraft PE, cave generation has been revamped to offer a more immersive experience. You'll encounter intricate cave networks, stunning underground rivers, and breathtaking rock formations. Delve deep into the earth and uncover the secrets of these magnificent caverns.

Amethyst Geodes and Tuff Blocks

Discover the newly added amethyst geodes, sparkling crystal-filled structures that will leave you in awe. Break open these geodes to obtain amethyst shards, which can be used to craft various items, including telescopes and tinted glass. Additionally, the update introduces tuff blocks, a type of volcanic rock that can be used for construction or decoration purposes.

Glow Squid and Axolotls

Say hello to two new adorable and unique mobs – the glow squid and axolotls! These fascinating creatures will bring life to your underwater adventures. The glow squid emits a soft glow, adding an enchanting ambiance to any aquatic environment. Meanwhile, axolotls are friendly amphibious creatures that can be tamed and used to assist you in underwater battles.

Additional Features

Aside from the major additions, several minor features have been included in Minecraft PE You can now enjoy new gameplay mechanics, such as copper oxidation, which adds a realistic aging effect to copper blocks. Furthermore, the update brings tweaks and improvements to existing features, enhancing overall gameplay stability and performance.


Minecraft PE, "The Wild Update," is a game-changer for Minecraft Pocket Edition players. With its expanded Caves and Cliffs update, improved cave generation, and new mobs and blocks, this update offers a plethora of exciting content to explore. Dive into the depths of the earth, discover hidden treasures, and interact with captivating creatures. Get ready to embark on thrilling adventures in Minecraft PE's latest version!


  • How to find new pottery shards?

    Players can find them in Ancient city and Trail Ruins.
  • How many templates for armor player can find?

    20 templates.
  • How players can use cherry trees?

    They can craft items from cherry wood.