Minecraft PE 1.2.2

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Minecraft PE 1.2.2 is an exciting update that brings a host of new features and improvements to the popular sandbox game. Let's delve into what you can expect in this latest version.

New Biomes

Exploration just got even more thrilling with the addition of two new biomes: the Ice Plains and Cold Taiga. These frosty landscapes will challenge your survival skills as you navigate through icy terrain and face off against new mobs like polar bears and strays.

Parrots and New Blocks

Say hello to your new feathered friends! Minecraft PE 1.2.2 introduces parrots, colorful birds that can be tamed and kept as pets. They'll even dance to the rhythm of nearby music! Alongside parrots, players can now enjoy new blocks like concrete and concrete powder, which offer a plethora of building possibilities.

Gameplay Enhancements

The developers have also focused on improving the overall gameplay experience in this update. One notable addition is the ability to use the off-hand slot, allowing players to dual wield items such as torches and shields. This opens up new strategies for combat and exploration.

Command Blocks and Functions

For the creative minds, Minecraft PE 1.2.2 introduces command blocks and functions. These powerful tools allow players to automate various actions, create custom game rules, and even build mini-games within the game itself. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

Bug Fixes and Performance

In addition to the exciting new features, this update also addresses various bugs and performance issues. The developers have been hard at work, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable Minecraft experience for all players.


Minecraft PE 1.2.2 is a must-have update for all Minecraft Pocket Edition players. With new biomes, adorable parrots, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and the introduction of command blocks, this version offers a wealth of exciting content. So grab your pickaxe, venture into the icy biomes, and let your creativity run wild in the world of Minecraft PE 1.2.2.


  • Where do I find parrots in MCPE 1.2.2?

    They spawn in jungles.
  • How do I craft a jukebox?

    It is made of one diamond and eight wooden planks.
  • Can I find banners naturally?

    Yes, you can find them in End Cities.