Minecraft PE 1.20.12

Version MCPE 1.20.12 for Android
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Minecraft PE 1.20.12 is here, and it brings along a wave of exciting features that are sure to enhance your gameplay experience. From new mobs to improved mechanics, this update has something for every Minecraft enthusiast.

2. New Mobs

Get ready to encounter new creatures in the Minecraft world! The update introduces fascinating mobs such as the Stray, a hostile skeleton variant that spawns in icy biomes, and the Husk, a desert-dwelling zombie variant that is immune to sunlight. These new mobs add an extra layer of challenge to your survival adventures.

3. Improved Villages

Villages have received a makeover in Minecraft PE 1.20.12. You'll now find a variety of new structures, including libraries, butcher shops, and churches. Villagers have also become more interactive, with updated AI that allows them to perform tasks and trades. Watch as your once sleepy village transforms into a bustling hub of activity!

4. Additional Gameplay Mechanics

Minecraft PE 1.20.12 introduces several new gameplay mechanics that make your Minecraft experience even more engaging. One notable addition is the ability to leash and lead passive mobs, allowing you to easily transport them or keep them in specific areas. Moreover, you can now use the smithing table to upgrade your armor and tools, providing a new level of customization and power.

5. Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

This update also includes a range of bug fixes and performance improvements, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable Minecraft experience. Say goodbye to annoying glitches and hello to seamless gameplay!


Minecraft PE 1.20.12 is a must-have update for all Minecraft Pocket Edition players. With new mobs, improved villages, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and bug fixes, this update takes your Minecraft adventures to the next level. Dive into the blocky world and explore all the exciting features that await you!


  • How to find ancient plants?

    Sniffer can help players.
  • How to customize armor?

    Using smithing templates.
  • How to breed Sniffer?

    Players should use Torchflower.