Minecraft PE 1.4.4

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Minecraft PE 1.4.4 introduces the highly anticipated Aquatic Update, bringing a whole new dimension to the game. Dive into a vibrant underwater world filled with aquatic creatures, coral reefs, shipwrecks, and treasure chests waiting to be discovered. Explore the depths of the ocean, swim with dolphins, and encounter mysterious underwater ruins. With improved water physics and stunning visuals, the Aquatic Update adds a refreshing and immersive experience to Minecraft.

2. Trident Weapon

With the Aquatic Update comes the addition of the powerful Trident weapon. This versatile tool can be used for both melee and ranged attacks. Throw the Trident at enemies to deal significant damage or use it as a melee weapon for close combat. The Trident can also be enchanted with various enchantments, making it even more deadly and useful in different situations. Collecting the Trident from drowned mobs adds a thrilling new aspect to combat in Minecraft PE.

3. Buried Treasure

Minecraft PE 1.4.4 introduces a new way to discover hidden riches with the addition of buried treasure. Maps can now be found in shipwrecks or by trading with cartographer villagers. These maps lead players to buried treasure chests buried deep within the sand. Dig up the treasure to find valuable loot, such as emeralds, diamonds, enchanted items, and even rare Heart of the Sea, which can be used to craft a conduit for underwater bases.

4. Conduits and Underwater Bases

Speaking of underwater bases, Minecraft PE 1.4.4 allows players to create amazing structures beneath the waves using Conduits. Conduits are crafted using Heart of the Sea and Nautilus Shells, and once activated, emit a powerful conduit power effect. This effect grants players increased underwater vision, faster mining, and the ability to breathe underwater. With Conduits, players can build intricate underwater bases, farms, and explore the depths of the ocean like never before.

5. Other Additions and Improvements

In addition to the major features, Minecraft PE 1.4.4 also includes various minor improvements and bug fixes. Players can now enjoy improved performance, smoother gameplay, and better overall stability. Several new blocks and items have been added, including coral blocks, kelp, sea pickles, and turtle eggs. Furthermore, the update introduces new commands and command blocks, allowing players to create more complex and interactive worlds.

Overall, Minecraft PE 1.4.4 brings an exciting array of new features and improvements to the game. The Aquatic Update, with its underwater exploration, new weapons, buried treasure, and the ability to build incredible underwater bases, offers a fresh and engaging experience for players. Dive into this version of Minecraft PE and embark on your aquatic adventures!


  • How do I find a dolphin in MCPE 1.4.4?

    They spawn across all waters, so it won't be hard.
  • Where do I get a trident from?

    Just start a drowned hunting and you'll get it in no time.
  • What do I do with a Heart of the Sea?

    You can't use it for the time being.