Minecraft PE 1.8.1

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Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.8.1 introduces an exciting update to villages and villagers. Now, villages will have a more lively atmosphere with different roles for each villager. You'll come across farmers, fishermen, cartographers, clerics, butchers, and more. Each villager has its own unique profession, and they will engage in various activities throughout the day. This update breathes life into the villages, making them feel more realistic and bustling.

2. Pillagers and Raids

Get ready to defend your villages from the notorious pillagers! These hostile mobs will raid villages and cause chaos, so it's up to you to protect the innocent villagers. Pillagers come armed with crossbows and are led by the fearsome pillager captains. Engage in epic battles with these new foes and earn valuable loot by defeating them. But beware, if you're not careful, you might trigger a full-scale raid on your village!

3. Bamboo and Pandas

Minecraft PE 1.8.1 introduces the adorable pandas and the versatile bamboo plant. Venture into the jungle biome to find bamboo shoots, which you can use to craft scaffolding, a useful block for building and exploring. Keep an eye out for pandas, as they roam the jungle and munch on bamboo. These playful creatures come in different personalities and can be bred using bamboo. Discover the joys of having these cuddly pandas in your Minecraft world.

4. New Cats and Cat Variants

Cat lovers, rejoice! The 1.8.1 update brings even more feline friends to Minecraft PE. You'll encounter stray cats in villages, and by gaining their trust, they can become your loyal companions. These cats come in various colors and patterns, adding a touch of diversity to your kitty collection. They also scare off phantoms, those pesky flying mobs that haunt players who haven't slept for several nights.

5. Other Additions and Improvements

In addition to the major features mentioned above, Minecraft PE 1.8.1 brings several other smaller but noteworthy additions and improvements. You'll find new achievements to conquer, changes to the trading system, improved performance, bug fixes, and much more. This update aims to enhance your overall Minecraft experience, making it more enjoyable and smoother than ever before.

So, what are you waiting for? Update your Minecraft Pocket Edition to version 1.8.1 and dive into the exciting world of new villagers, epic raids, adorable pandas, and playful cats. With these fantastic additions and improvements, there's never been a better time to explore and create in Minecraft PE!


  • Can I tame a panda in MCPE 1.8.1?

    No, you can only breed them.
  • Have cats got new skins?

    Yes, there are nine variations now.
  • How do I befriend an ocelot?

    Use raw fish and sneak up to them.