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Minecraft PE brings the highly anticipated Caves & Cliffs Update to your mobile devices! Prepare to embark on exciting new adventures as this update introduces a plethora of new features, blocks, and mobs that will completely transform your Minecraft experience.

Amplified World Generation:

One of the most notable additions in this update is the Amplified World Generation. Prepare to witness awe-inspiring landscapes with towering mountains, deep ravines, and massive caves. This new world generation option will take your exploration to new heights, quite literally!

New Blocks and Items:

With Minecraft PE, you can expect an assortment of new blocks and items to enhance your creativity. Discover blocks like the Spore Blossom, Glow Lichen, and Hanging Roots that add a touch of natural beauty to your builds. Additionally, the new Dripstone Block and Pointed Dripstone offer unique building options and create an ominous atmosphere in caves.

Goat Mob:

Say hello to the newest addition to the Minecraft animal kingdom – the Goat! These adorable creatures can be found roaming the mountains, jumping from ledge to ledge with their incredible agility. But beware, they can be quite feisty and might knock you off cliffs if you're not careful!

New Mobs:

The Caves & Cliffs Update introduces a host of new mobs to the game. From the menacing Warden, a blind, powerful creature lurking deep within the caves, to the charming Axolotl, a playful amphibian that accompanies you on underwater adventures, there's never a dull moment.


Become an archaeologist in Minecraft PE! Unearth long-lost treasures and discover ancient artifacts by carefully brushing away layers of dirt and gravel. This new mechanic adds a thrilling element of discovery to the game and allows you to piece together Minecraft's mysterious past.


Minecraft PE is an update that brings the much-anticipated Caves & Cliffs Update to your mobile devices. With the introduction of amplified world generation, new blocks, items, mobs, and the exciting archaeology mechanic, this update takes your Minecraft adventures to a whole new level. So grab your pickaxe, sharpen your wits, and prepare to explore the depths of the Minecraft world like never before!


  • How Sniffer can help players?

    This mob can find ancient seeds.
  • How to find Sniffer?

    Players should look for it in desserts.
  • How archaeology helps players?

    Users can find ancient items.